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So How Does Our Shipping Work?

The Work&Play team partners with product creators, suppliers and manufactures from across the globe in order to collect the products that meet your desires and high standards, at prices that are the most competitive. 

This means we source and ship from across the world - from locations such as the United States, Canada, China, Singapore and Australia. 

As a result - we offer order tracking on all of our orders as to ensure that you are kept in the loop with regards to where your order is and at what time.

The breadth of our product sourcing means that products can take 2-3 weeks to arrive. So do not worry if your package does not arrive the same day, it is on its way. And in most circumstances orders will arrive much sooner than this. 

We currently ship to the following locations (Our shipping destinations are rapidly expanding, so check back in soon if you're location is not here yet):

United States 
United Kingdom
New Zealand 

Warm Regards
The Work&Play Team