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About US

Who is James Charlie?

They are you and they are me.

They are that little part of us that can SEE the beauty in the world, that little part of us that knows that we are good and full of potential. The part that knows that life is not about suffering but about the cultivation of delight. 

A child’s default is wonder, hope and curiosity. And it is James Charlie's aim to nurture this little part of us all during our adulthood. To bring fourth our delight and spread it around. 

We believe that finding this love of life, this enjoyment of the moment can make a day, a year and then a lifetime. THE WAY WE SEE the world has the power to change our world, simply put - we want to make it delightful.

This store is a playground for adults (don't worry its all PG) to Work & Play the James Charlie Way. 

Welcome and enjoy.